Friday, August 06, 2010

The Nugent Family Castle

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The Nugents have a castle in West Meath called Ballinlough. Sir and Lady Nugent still live there and host various festivals and concerts and fairs on the grounds. We went to the National Country fair, which had an excellent array of outdoor country demonstrations and exhibitors. There was a gundog competition (the Northern Ireland team won) and a falconry exhibition. The falconer was clearly a world class dude who had falcons, owls, and eagles, including a Bald Eagle, not something we Mercans ever see living with a human. The dogs were awesome. The people were all super nice.

We saw the family castle, the distant relations from a distance (they were busy awarding the Gundog competition awards), Sydnie got to be held by the eagle, and we had just a plain old smashing time.

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