Monday, July 19, 2010

Dublin, Vaguely Jet Lag Hazy

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After the least unpleasant 13 hours of transatlantic traveling I can remember (bless Air France and their civilized ways. They asked on the opinion card the stewardess (not flight attendant, but stewardess, as in back to the 60's) gave me (not everyone) whether I found it important in air travel to feel "cared for" and I realized, yes it was, and that I did, there, on that French airplane), we got here, got into our surprisingly not-as-nice-as-we'd-hoped (but as we'd expected, given the price) hotel room, slept a lot, and stumbled around the following (today) day.

We're Staying on O'Connell street (at the Hotel Gresham), a bit above the (Liffey) river in an area that can only be described "the vibrant visitor's quarter", which is perfectly okay, with all the requisite downscale restaurants and faintest whiff of hustler's vibe. It's a touch seedy, centrally located, bustling, and the kind of fun people seek on Holiday (that's how we say it over here).

The Templebar area is bustling and twisty little cobblestone streets attractive. All of Dublin the locals are at minimum pleasant, all the way up to downright nice. The place is a glorious paradise at the moment. And yes, the Guinness was far better than what you get in the states.

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Fred Wickham said...

Looks (like) the "Dublin"> I reme(mber). Th(e canal And "all." It'(s lov)ely.