Monday, July 26, 2010

City Of Cork

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While Dublin is kind of proper and clean, the city of Cork is kind of messy and touristy and studenty. There are Socialist calls for uprisings against the Capitalists. There are marginal indigents wandering. On the long shopping mall street, there are the same Greenpeace activists ambushing passers-by on the sidewalk that are in San Francisco. There are guys in Stormtrooper outfits promoting something or another.

We did have an incredibly great lunch. We were really sick of weird and crappy pub food designed to buffer your innards from the beer with fats and starches. Wandering around the streets, I refused to give up until we found something decent. In the Cork English Market we found the Farmgate Cafe , a place that does the all-organic, sustainably raised, free-range food thing. It was good -- Bay Area good. The best part were utterly unadorned potatoes that had a natural creamy texture to them. Those were a "revelatory experience", as a I would say were I a food critic.

The lunch was the "special thing" of the day that made it all feel like vacation. (Though we had a good time just wandering around).

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