Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alive, alive. Oh.

I'm trying hard to figure out how not to fall asleep at the wheel here. We both had a bad sleeping night. The jetlag has our inner selves passing through alternate dimensions in no apparent order. One minute we're exhausted and the next full of energy.

The sky begins to grow light around 4 a.m. and the sun hasn't fully set until almost 11 p.m. A large pod of seagulls roost on rooftops that are out of sight from our room, but fully audible. They regularly start squawking and screaming at one another, building to a crescendo. They get really loud. I'd always thought segulls were constantly on the go -- swooping over rough seas, or zoo food courts, hunting, but apparently they park it in one place for much of the day and night. This flock falls silent as the sun goes down and begins conversing as it rises. During the summer they must be significantly sleep deprived, these seagulls.

We took the hop-on/hop-off tourist bus today to get an overview of things, learning tiny nuggets of Dublin history through the one working headphone jack and in the one ear only, stuff about how the bank of Ireland has no windows, and that the bronze statue of the young women with braided pony tails who stands, while spilling out of her dress, beside a cart carrying several empty baskets is actually the Molly Malone of the Cockles and Mussels song fame.

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