Thursday, July 29, 2010

Actually Fun Football

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I don't want to insult the most popular game in the world, but after watching some of the World Cup, I have to say that Soccer is pretty boring. A few guys running around on a humungous field, little or no scoring, endless fouls, and dramatic rolling around on the ground in feigned suffering.

On the other hand, Gaelic Football is awesome. It's a crazy combination of soccer, basketball, and free-for-all jungle ball. We went to a stadium in a crazy, funky town called Tuam, near Galway and watched a local match. Because the town was so byzantine and there weren't really any signs to the stadium, which was in a sort of industrial, sort of residential neighborhood, we only caught the 2nd half. The stadium was half falling apart, but the game was well attended, clearly by all locals. We looked out of place and got some funny looks, but it was all perfectly pleasant.

In any case, I shot some video that I think gives a flavor of the game. Cheers.


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