Monday, February 08, 2010

Apple Store Genius Bar is teh Shiznit

My 15" MacBook Pro had from the time I bought it a little
misalignment, which caused a scraping in the back when I opened or
closed the lid. Because I'd bought it from Amazon instead of direct
from Apple, I imagined automatic rejection from the GeeniusBar. I
figured they'd accuse me of using it as a frisbee inside of a Gorilla
cage. 6 months later the lid had begun to troublingly skew, ruining
the unibody's much vaunted perfect lines. I figured the skew was
causing the laptop's guts to gradually grind themselves into shreds
and it would soon be a lifeless husk.

The skew occupied my waking and night-time life. I finally made an

Just now the nice SF style dude in an The Edge pullover hat took care
of my lappie. He went in the back, did some torx wrench magic and the
alignment was perfect at long last.

I know this makes me sound like a total dork to care that much about
my computer, but Man, these things are important.

\t : iPhone->you

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