Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steve's Big Stuff

Today (like, just now) Steve Jobs announced Apple's new iPad. It's something between an Apple notebook and the iPhone. Seeing this, I was suddenly struck by something from the distant past.

In 1984 Nabisco went sort of Oreo nuts and produced an Oreo variant suitable only for the pre-anti-trans fat era -- a big hair, exuberant, economic boom, Reagan era sized Oreo: The Big Stuf. It was the Sumo wrestler Oreo, the Oreo on steroids, if you must, so crazy big that you slept like Rapunzel for 100 years after eating one.

Please observe:

Is it just me or am I onto something (big)?


1 comment:

Fred Wickham said...

It's a nice comparison, Big Stuff and iPad. Now that iPod and iPad have been taken, that leaves iPud (maybe for porn) iPid, and iPed (do we need a pedometer that links to the internet?)