Friday, January 08, 2010

Salaryman Meeting


You can see a lot of stuff when you have a camera with 12x zoom. A surprising amount, which could be a force for evil in the hands of those ill-equipped to handle such massive responsibility. Our hotel room has a startling view of huge skyscrapers, some of which house the world headquarters of really big Japanese corporations. The building right next to us appears to have conference rooms up and down the corners, and we regularly see people there meeting. Theoretically, I could photograph their company secrets and sell them for enormous sums. Fortunately, I am a man of the highest ethical salt and would never stoop to such a level.


One evening after 6, a large group gathered in a conference room. They were clearly men in the ubiquitous black suit, white shirt, and tie of the professional “Salaryman”. During the course of the astonishingly long event the men stood in positions according to their respective rankings. The highest order man stood in the center of the room and talked. Two young men were relegated to the corner, left to lean against the wall.

At some point, a young woman in a white blouse (the only light colored top of any kind) came in and out carrying something. The meeting transitioned into a more relaxed event.


The men continued to stand around, drinking something. Everyone stood the entire time. The windows steamed up.


After about 3 hours the lights went off.

The other building we’re closest to is a hotel. At night we can see the mere specks of guests talk with one another, use computers, make phone calls, and generally let down their hair. Body language is amazingly revealing. When people think that they’re facing only 40 stories as open air, they’re not entirely guarded — or always fully dressed.

Fortunately, as I’ve said, I am a man of deep and abiding integrity and would never use my powers for evil. Such pictures, were they to exist, will not be posted.

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