Thursday, January 07, 2010

Metropolitan Police Museum


Sit in a really cool 1960’s era helicopter. Sit on a tricked out Yamaha Police motorcycle. Put on real police uniforms (if you’re a little kid). Upstairs, view historical exhibits of the Tokyo police.

Learn about the functions of the police through exhibits and awesomely earnest videos (“We will check in on your house while you’re gone, ma’am, but always remember to lock your doors when you are not at home.”) The videos seem to offer a genuine view into a culture that holds rules sacred and order essential. One video showed the forms of help available for victims of crimes, including counseling and even state benefits for people unable to work. Interestingly, only women are seen availing themselves of counseling.

Striking and genuinely touching is the floor dedicated to fallen officers: a line of photos and under many, their uniforms, most showing bullet holes or the traces of other fatal events.

Photos mostly aren’t allowed inside.


Sydnie with Pipo-Kun, the Tokyo Metro Police Mascot


Museum website

Home of Pipo-Kun. Full of instructive narratives and animations

Another page of instructive narratives featuring some other cartoon charater. They have that fabulous Japan! Overload! Go! Go! Go! quality for those of us who can’t read Japanese.

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