Tuesday, January 05, 2010

A Cabbage Greater Than The Moon

On just about any trip, there's way too much eating at restaurants, which mostly involves foods with a brown/beige/umber color palette, and skips all fruits and vegetables. Tokyo isn't any different. You can get a salad for breakfast but it's about a cup and a half of greens, chopped radish, and other bits and pieces which taste pretty good but don't add up to this Californian's idea of plant matter.
At a grocery store the other day there were enormous half-heads of napa cabbage and I jokingly suggested that we buy one. Today at a different grocery they had the same cabbage. I went kind of nuts.

This sucker is huge. Shown is a 100¥ coin for scale (about the size of a quarter):

From j-10-rndm

Here's a beauty shot:

This expresses my feelings:

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