Saturday, December 19, 2009

NY Post-O Rapido

I'm about to get kicked out this Starbucks at 44th and 3rd Avenue, with 1 1/2 hours of my 2 hours of paid wifi wasted. The air smells of bleach. Outside, it's ass-cold and snowing. Walking around the three blocks almost took all of the bacon out of my salad. I'm about to brave the walk back to the sterling Fitzpatrick hotel @ 44th & Lexington.

New York is the best and most beautiful thing there ever has been. By thing, I don't mean just the buildings etc, but the gelatinous hum of the place. Either you understand this or you don't. It's a place where people act like a fluid, not a gas or solid.

If I can steal or buy some more Internet, I will post further and put up some pictures from my stunningly awesome little Lumix ZS3 that I bought on a whim, almost returned and now cannot live without.

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