Monday, September 07, 2009

Overheard, Sac and Fillmore

Go ahead and have one. I just got a big tin of ROI tan, but I picked these up since I'm passing through town.

I'm having to stay in national parks cause that's where you're allowed to have a dog. I'm in state parks too but like if they catch me with the dog what are they going to do? If I'm in the middle of the park, I'm just going to keep walking anyhow and I'll just ask them to give me a ride. I'll just get out quicker if they want to drive me.

I'm working my ass off to keep it all together. I was working four seventeens and three eights, It's okay. It strengthens you, makes you a warrior. I was in Santa Cruz working 2 jobs cause that was the only way to keep it together. I was living in this camper and like over a 2 day period everything just came apart around me. I could have stayed there and rebuilt or gone anywhere and rebuilt. It didn't matter where I was. If you've got nothing you've got nothing everywhere, right?

I'm moving to New Orleans. I can't stick around here. I've got thousands of dollars of shit in California. In Massachusetts too. I'd be okay to pay it but fuck, I can make it just barely anyhow. I can barely motivate enough. If I'm scraping along at the bottom I could give them some money but then I'd just barely get by. I could send them 500 dollars a month but then I'd be living small just to pay off some asshole. All that bullshit cause some asshole pulls me over for something I didn't even-- and I'm not going to pay some asshole and not be able to get by.

I'd rather do something good, help out, like work with children or something, rather than be paying assholes.

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