Friday, August 14, 2009

The black windows of las Vegas hotels

Modern Vegas hotels have windows with superior energy efficient
coatings, which prevent the sun from turning the buildings into giant
ovens. The coatings allow no interior light to escape. At night, while
the structures are bathed in spot lighting, the windows remain solid

The effect is creepy. A Greco-Roman temple stretched sixty stories and a
quarter mile long is covered in hundreds of windows, all of them
black. A Parisian row house with Mansard roofs sitting six hundred
feet in the air has only dark windows. The hotels wear architectural
styles that connote power and culture, but contain no one.

The blackness contasts with the strip's flashing lights, four story
televisions, endless cars, and stoilling people. People disappear into
the hotels. Where do they go?

Continuous festivity contrasts with total abandonment. The blackness
is that of the desert surrounding the city, the limits of prosperity
and good luck.

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