Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bum Pits

Women on TV are advertising the BumPits, a fashion accessory that adds loft to a woman's hair.

The effect is vaguely that of a cephalic growth, or hydrocephalic condition. Since this is Moon Landing Week (Happy 40th!), there's been lots of 60's footage of Astronauts' wives in living rooms. My now days old image of the footage is that the women of that era also had fashionable hair lumps. Sadly, my memory was flawed.

Flat, flat hair. It occurred to me that maybe the source of my false memories was the movie version of Apollo 13. Bingo! It was.

Such is Hollywood's tendency to glamorize. So, in fact, the women in that movie did have bumped up heads. But actually, much less than did Tom Hanks. And his was natural...Or was it?

Where are my BumpIts For Men? Where is my prosthetic forehead?

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