Wednesday, May 06, 2009


According to a Ukrainian database administrator at my work, a combination of yogurt, walnuts, and buckwheat lowered his wife's cholesterol by as much as a third. Her blood sugar went down, too. Her doctor wanted to put her on statins, but she didn't want the side effects, so she took her mother's advice and tried this concoction. Now, this fellow has also been told that his cholesterol is too high. He's going to try it as well.

A friend of mine has been an avid and unapologetic consumer of bacon and other pork products for as long as I've known him. He's actually in quite good shape in every way, except that now he's learned his cholesterol is too high and he has to stop eating bacon, cut out a 1% of milk fat from his milk, and generally cut a little more flavor out of his life.

I've been avoiding a blood test I was supposed to have gotten last July, for, well, since last July. I don't know what my cholesterol is. I had yogurt for dinner, with cereal in it. We're out of buckwheat.

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