Monday, April 20, 2009

Somebody Else's Holiday

The weather is gloriously hot and sunny today in SF. Going to work I
began to fantasize about what I should be doing instead of going to
work: getting really, really stoned.

I'm not, like, a user. I can't remember with any precision the last
time first-hand smoke was in my lungs (if it has ever been. I can
neither confirm nor deny the possibility). Something about today,
though, with that blazing sun and dry, still air begged for utterly
dissolute irresponsibility.

This was my plan: get stoned. Not on anything, but on the strongest
possible hashish available. Go out of the house in shorts and t-shirt
(assuming such a thing were possible by this point) with a bag full of

Snacks (duh)
Bus pass
Extra shirt and jeans (in case I do something sloppy)
Towel for sleeping in the park
Extra weed (not hash - that might entail paranoid fantasies of federal
time for a class one schedule controlled substance)

Then, go... Wherever.

I don't think I've ever had this fantasy before. Why today? Just a few
minutes ago I looked at the time: 4:20. 4:20 on 4/20 - the
international stoner holiday.

No wonder.

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Fred Wickham said...

4/20 is also Hitler's 120th birthday. Inhale deeply.

t said...

I knew I was trying to avoid thinking about something!

t said...

Also, Columbine (ten years before).

I knew it was the wrong impulse. Good thing I went to work, instead.