Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cough Medicine

I don't normally touch over-the-counter cold medicines. I became leary of them because of various "studies" which showed either the ineffectiveness or actual counter-productivity. Mainly I avoid them because I hate the way they make me feel. Psuedophed makes me bonkers jittery. Nyquil wakes me up in the middle of the night with baseless fears and staring, rolling eyes. Robotussein DM makes me feel like I'm wandering the mud of a limitless estuary.

This time around, my coughing was just messed up enough at night that I decided I would get something. Influenced by (what else) Advertising on The Television Set, I bought some Mucinex DM. The name is really clever, embracing a tangible by-prouduct of colds. A sort of mucoid 'take back the night'. I'm always embarrassed to admit that advertising works on me, but it often does.

This stuff is just two garden variety substances: Guifenecine and Dextromethoraphan (the latter of which being the DM in Robotussein and other products). DM has become a widely abused substance among youth because it's cheap, and if you dig the aesthetic of a slow, vaguely hallucinogenic, sloppy, stupid, unmotivated high, it's right for you. There's a whole world of cough syrup abusers and apparently "Slowcore" is a popular genre for devotees. I understand that true devotees prize Codeine laced syrup because it contains, well, Codeine, and we all know what that does for one. That's correct: depravity, destruction of morals, and the general decay of civilization (well, actually that's kind of true).

In any case, this Mucinex does work as advertised: my cough quieted way down, and I feel a lot more comfortable right now than I did 30 minutes ago, before I took it. On the other hand, I've been totally nuts all day, for which I appologize to anyone and everyone who had to deal with me. Loopy, is probably a decent way to put it, and a little looser lipped than I usually am on purpose these days (more like me circa 2000, than me 2009).

Something about this stuff being a "timed release" "12 hour" formula gives it a qualitatively different effect than drinking the old Robo DM. It's more... even? Smooth? My consciousness is not disrupted in the way it would be had I knocked back a cup of Robo Cop, or the Green Jaegermeister (i.e. Nyquil). I feel sort of functional, though that is clearly an illusion. I'm quite certain I'm out off my nut.

This entry being evidence of that.

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