Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Advice for Kids Today

Hey, you teens and tweens, old man Me has a bit of advice for you, wrung out from years of hard work and troubles. If you want to save yourself a great deal of heart-ache and pain, avoid divorces, rehab, car crashes, and stints in jail, follow this advice.

When confronted with anything in the least bit unpleasant or difficult say to yourself

"I just don't care."

When you don't care, you can do anything. There are no good or bad outcomes. Sure, the outcomes might mean something to someone, but not to you. Just take a load off of your shoudlers and not give a crap.

You'll be amazed how quickly all unpleasant feelings disappear. Suddenly, the world lifts off of your shoulders, the sun is brighter, the water clearer.

You can say it to other people as well, but it's probably best to keep it to youself. Let them guess at the source of your sly and contented smile. Let them wonder why it is that you are suddenly smarter and more graceful. That you you work without mistakes, taking or leaving success. You enjoy life fully. You are now one of those people who has experienced near death plane crashes, shark attacks, and failed parachute jumps and lived. You enjoy each moment as precious and each sunrise as a beautiful gift.

Granted, the enjoyment is a bit detached. After all, you don't actually care.

Next time: The powerful corrollary to "I just don't care": "It just doesn't matter".

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Dave Soup said...

Ah, yes, I am a walking testament to that methodology, and look, that attitude has gotten me to where I am today!