Monday, February 16, 2009

Sugar and Death

Last night, my uncle James passed away after a rapid acceleration of a bad respiratory condition that had affected him for some time now. By today's notion of life expectancy, he wasn't that old. He was born in the 1930s and smoked for many decades, though he had quit at least 15 years ago. In any case, the damage was long done, and eventually the side effects killed him.

At Japantown, a group of elderly Japanese women meet regularly to gossip and eat treats. The oldest of them has taken a liking to my wife, who studies almost daily in one of the cafe's courtyards. Now, for the second time, she's given my wife some of the sweets that the ladies are enjoying. Today, they had gotten creampuffs at Andersen Bakery (which is a Japanese company, believe it or not), and brought her two -- one for each of us.

All day, I've been desiring sugar, though I haven't much given in. I just had a creampuff with a little leftover cold coffee from this morning. The creampuff was sweet and soft and delicious, and went quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Meanwhile I've had six big caramels today. Delicious, but not good.