Thursday, February 19, 2009

Feeling Relentlessly Uncreative

At a friend's wedding, his brother gave a speech where he said
"creative people are the finest people of all."

Not only was this a compliment to the bride and groom, both
photographers and one a musician, but self-serving, since he also is a
musician. The statement really annoyed me, even though I'm both and
art school graduate and a writing program non-graduate. Creative
people are no finer or less fine than anyone else. It's one of those
assertions like "He's a fine man because he's a good Christian." All
of the socially upright serial killers in history should teach us that
group affiliation means little in the end.

Talk to the abandoned family of Paul Gaugain and see how they feel
about it.

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Anonymous said...

No no, you're very creative. How do I know? Well, I understand you're co-writing a screenplay. All that art and writing in school must've been worth something.