Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Polyacrylomideglycoethenoid (Of clay and yarn)

I just learned that when the Charlie Brown Christmas Special moved
from CBS to ABC in 2000 that a second Christmas special was produced
in 2002 to fill out a full hour. Apparently in 1965, when the original
came out, CBS executives were nervous about Linus's "meaning of
Christmas" speech, because of the religious feelings upon which it
might trod. I can't remember what be says exactly, but it didn't
offend me, I don't think.

With the decline of commercial activity in our newly minted post-
affluence America, perhaps we will rediscover the meaning of something
or another. In the stores this feels like The Christmas Where Nobody
Really Bothered To Give a Crap. Empty, no shoppers, big sales, etc.
Does it matter? Yeah, probably. We all feel better feeling worse. The
first step is acknowledging that you have a problem, and shopping
addictions this country has had. Think of this as Intervention (A&E,
Monday nights) on a global scale. "Your shopping addiction has
affected me negatively in he following ways..."

Personally I don't mind having a holiday shopping break. I actually
think all presents should have to be made and not bought. I don't care
how crappy someone's clay and yarn paperweight is. I can afford to buy
my own Guitar Hero.

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Anonymous said...

Polly-akrilomide-gleiko-ethanoid -- is that an approximate pronunciation?

t said...

That is Exactly right!