Wednesday, December 10, 2008


During the last economic bubble I was working in the eye if the bubble
itself, in Internet services, helping to build doomed dotcoms before
and after the crash started. Needless to say, San francisco was nuts
with manic fever. Down around South Park where I worked was
particularly frenetic. Millionairehood was in the grasp of some and
just beyond reach for so many others. Decrepit buildings were turning
into hair salons and lotion shops. A seemingly inexhaustable force of
prosperity and excess swept the city.

The revolution started as a young one. I mentioned to a friend that
our generation x was so focused on and wanting the wealth of our
parents and grandparents that our desire had actually created the
wealth and the world around us. Literally created.

He's a Buddhist and agreed with me, saying that buddhists believe that
thought actually creates reality. I don't usually subscribe to that
sort of thing, that if you think something that it will come true, but
the idea keeps getting more plausible all the time. In the grip of our
latest madness we built sprawling exurban cities where there has been
none. We wanted, and 'they' got us the money, which made our dreams
real. Our dreams of riches created their dreams of riches. We were one
mind united in the same dream that became true as we dreamt.

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Anonymous said...

While I don't think thought, itself, unacted upon, will change much, I certainly do believe both optimism and pessimism help create their respective realities. I think the hope of riches will create riches -- short term riches if the hope is only me-first, but longer term if it's riches for all that you want (although I am still waiting for more proof to come in on the latter claim).