Friday, October 10, 2008

The Tiffany Effect and Lobsters in the Pot

The old truism about putting a lobster (crab, frog) in a pot of cold
water and turn up the heat slowly: the water is comfortable and he
doesnt notice he's cooking. Here's an another: young man in jewelry
store buying an engagement ring for his fiancé has a budget of 2000
dollars. The first ring he sees has huge and georgeous gems fit for a
queen and costs 100,000 dollars. When he sees the rings for 2000, he
feels petty and cheap, having seen what a real ring looks like. He
looks at the 5, the 10, the 20 thousand, and then longingly at the
price of the now unacceptable 2 thousand, top small and unworthy of
his love. The 10 thousand is very nice and a great compromise. He buys
it, feeling good having spent far more than he planned

In the 90's, the "Blackhawk
Down" incident killed fewer than 20 soldiers, and the result was a
complete removal of all American troops from danger, even when were
actually helping keep peace. A few years later, in Iraq we started off
with tens, then hundreds, and finally thousands of Americans dead, not
to mention 10s or 100,000 Iraqis. Where once 17 people, meant
everything, now 3,500 or 100,000 meant less.

When 20 billion dollars meant everything, now a trillion means little.

Rings, money, life: when they gradually turn up the heat in the
jewelery store, you get comfortable with enormous cost. Until you
get on the sidewalk and really freak out.

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