Tuesday, October 07, 2008

That Fresh, Clean Taste

I watched too much TV as a kid, so I remember that on the mid-70's "Good Times" (made famous by the lanky J.J.'s "Dyn-O-Mite!") an intermittent character who was a wino. His humor was a bit edgier and therefore funnier than just about everyone else's on the show. Unfortunately, I only remember one joke of his: "Once I drank a bottle of Scope -- I've never felt so bad and smelled so good!"

Last night was a re-run of an "Intervention" where the subject was a once perfect mother of 3, miraculously still married, who had descended into full-time drinking. Worse, her beverage of choice was an amber, generic mouthwash in Family Size plastic bottles. Not only is the horrible stuff 50 proof, but the other components -- phenols and flavorings and colorings -- do extra bad things to your organs over time. Needless to say, everyone was wretched. In the end, she does go to treatment and sobers up and things appear to be much, much better all around.

Yesterday, I had an "Eclipse" peppermint mint, and right away brushed my teeth with Colgate Total Mint Stripe toothpaste. Instead of a double strong-mint flavor, I was smacked with potent artificial Cinnamon. I tasted Big Red, or Red Hots.

That should not have been. Some terrible chemical perfidy was at work there. Bad chemistry, in all cases.

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Anonymous said...

Try the double cinnamon if you like green curry flavor.