Thursday, October 09, 2008

Screw work, sitting in the sun

Screw work, sitting in the sun
I jaywalked back across Powell because Union Square is sunny and being
at work sounds not fun at the moment. Continuing to work in general is
a great thing, but enjoying the pleasure of existence is more
important now.

The ongoing economic crisis is some serious shit and it's given me a
giant slab of perspective. I've been looking around and thinking "what
if this is the end of a prosperous life, for a very long time?" I'm
glad to think this way because it's actually increasing my sense of
calm and enjoyment of the moment. I'm talking the end of lattes and
automobiles and people in stores. It's possible that we shortly won't
have sun-dried tomatoes or stores that sell nothing buy olive oil.

The current troubles could just blow over, but every day that
thecommercial credit markets are seized up and banks don't lend
together puts all this nice stuff at risk. Supposing fear in global
markets doesn't go away, our standards of living will change. I'm not
saying we'll be dead or doomed or starving, it just won't be this any

And I rather like this. Nothing lasts forever. Screw it. I guess it's
time to go to work.

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Anonymous said...

I guess it's the only way to look at things. I won't miss the specialty shops, that's for sure. Olive Oil!