Wednesday, October 01, 2008

No Sarah Palin

The highly liberal and therefore suspect NY Times just published poll
results showing that Obama is now ahead by a significant margin for
the first time. This dovetails nicely with the looming iceberg of
tomorrow's vice presidential debate, which hopefully will demonstrate
that while Ms. Palin may be many things, ready for the world stage she
is not.

Among other reasons for Obama's support has been his recent response
to the bailout bill and the current economic perfidy as opposed to
McCain's. Nothing like actual events to demonstrate a candidate's
ability. If I'm working with someone, I'd prefer that they shut up and
listen and ask questions rather than talk a lot. I'd say that one
candidate does the former and the other the latter. In many ways Sarah
Palin would be more compelling and plausible of she just said "I don't
know" instead of rambling, though her rambling is really entertaining.
Not that I what to improve McCain's chances of winning, but this whole
"economic thing" demonstrates again how stupid this VP choice was. Why
the crap didn't he pick Carly Fiorina or meg Whitman? For baby Jesus's
sake Whitman built eBay. She built a giant chunk of the modern
Internet. I might not like other stuff about her, but at least she
really knows how to do stuff.

The pick of Palin, alone, is a sign of McCain's flawed thinking. FAIL.

Here's an awesome thing that I wish would happen but won't. You may
recall way back in 1988 (if you even recall 1988) Bush The First's VP
pick was Dan Quayle. A few gaffs and a public mispelling of the plural
for "potato" permanently branded him as stupid. Whatever else I
thought about him, I felt bad for the guy: it turns out he's
apparently pretty smart and accomplished and just got a bad rap. That
said, a spectacular moment was during the VP debate against Democrat
Lloyd Benten Bentsen, an old-school senator who was facing
a much younger opponent. At one point Quayle did a
stupid thing and compared himself to J.F.K.

The Democrat took a deep breath. "Senator, I knew John F. Kennedy and
you are no John F. Kennedy."

Quayle was allegedly dumb and actually wasn't. Palin allegedly knows
stuff but doesn't. I was imaging Palin in the debate describing
herself as being like Quayle: seemingly clueless, but really much more, 
smarter and more knowledgeable. Then, Biden could take a deep
breath and say "Governor, I knew Dan Quayle and you are no Dan Quayle."

It would probably be so obscure and weird that it would lose the
election for Obama, but it would be worth it. I know it's not going to happen
but it would be awesome.

(Here's the original You're No... moment)

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Anonymous said...

"I knew Dan Quayle, and you're no Dan Quayle." I love it.