Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Effective Java 2nd ed.

Joshua Bloch's talk was really good. This being my first year of being
at JavaOne for more than one day, I'd not heard him before. He covered
a little generics, enums, and lazy instantiation. The enum patterns
were pretty exciting, partly because I haven't done that much with
enums. He had a pretty nice pattern of using an enum to implement
Singleton. He had a great example using phases and transitions - solid
to liquid = melt, etc. and building a bunch of mapping of transitions
to source and destination phases using generics and Maps.

I'm waiting to hear about Javascript: the language we love to hate.
I'm curious, actually, plus it's taking over the world.

One sweet thing about Fortress is that it's another language built on
top of
Java, like groovy, scala etc. The Java platform's fast and clean
enough that it makes sense to write languages which compile into Java
source, allowing javac to handle the many sweet optimzations.

Also, making the language extensible through libraries is way awesome.
All that math stuff, I don't know. It's too much like math or something.

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