Monday, February 04, 2008


In the sauna at the gym a very thin old man wearing gloves and a
fleece hat in the 120 degree heat, hit a man lying prone on his
stomach with branches full of camphor leaves along his legs and
shoulders. They spoke in Russian while a third man, with an enormous
belly, a belly which comprised more than half of his total body,
appeared to disagree, also in Russian. In fact, there seemed to be
disagrement all around, debate on some topic. The men were out of
shape, pasty white, shiny with sweat and matted with body hair.
A fourth man in trunks adjusted his rubber swimming cap before entering.
The heat was brutally dry. Camphor rose in the arid, hot, sweat-
inducing unbreathable air. The leaves rustled like paper about to
Sweat, heat, camphor, cotton gloves, and a black fleece hat. I hated
the experience, and consider it a real gift.

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