Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hopeful doom about MicroHoo

These articles at Bloomberg, New York Times, MarketWatch and SmartMoney give me a certain amount of hope about the possibility of the M$/yahoo merger, not that it won't happen, but that it will happen and that yahoo is so different from M$ and so fundamentally in not such great shape, and that their respective technologies are so not easy to integrate, that the little fish will stick like a bone in big fish Ball-Mir's fleshy throat.

I love yahoo's various acquistions--flickr and would hate to see them perverted and ruined through absorption into WindowsDead or Enfarta or whatever, but this could really foul M$'s nest for a very long time. I would expect some very healthy braindrain, followed by some interesting new startups. Hopefully the non-compete clauses won't be too stringent for the smart evacuees.

\t : iPhone->you

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