Sunday, January 06, 2008

Spill on train.
On the train today we sat across from a young couple snuggling on the
seat. The young woman wore cowboy boots and a short skirt, the young
man's hair stood fashionably up. She has in her hand a takeout cup of
juice. A few seats away, a woman in kimono listens to her iPod. A
seeming geisha faces away from the other passengers out the window.

Suddenly, the lid comes off of her cup and juice and ice spill onto
the floor and over her leg and boot. She freezes up and acts
completely helpless. The young man pulls two small, fresh towels from
his bag and wipes her boot of juice. She is giggling and looking
helplessly at the spill on the ground.

The other passengers do not look at what has happened, but the woman
in kimono and iPod gets up and moves. The guy gets out tissues and
starts wiping up the floor. After a minute there is very little juice
on the floor.

At the next stop people get on. A mother and daughter in her 20s sit
nearby, and then notice the spill. The daughter stares with a look of
anxiety and horror at the bit of juice and ice cube. She does not look
angry so much as confused and very worried. The mother giggles and
pretends not to notice.

The couple get off and the mother and daughter continue to talk about
it. Other passengers flash quick glances at the out of place liquid.

Instant food vendomat

Spotlight on top of building

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