Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Little Snitch and Connection Sharing

In Japan, I have an iPhone but neither Edge network, nor wifi provider, so I'm making my own crawdad and sharing out my macbook's ethernet connection over the AirPort card. Because it's so damn pleasant and easy to cook up emails anywhere on the iPhone, I've been wanting to batch them up and send them when I'm back in the room. However, I've been having some crazy-making times trying to resolve names on the iPhone via my diy network. Late last night, psychotic with a very long flight, I was trying to make it work and never really succeeded. I could create the laptop's shared wireless connection, and access it via iPhone, hit apache via ip address, but never could resolve any names. 

Tonight, I remembered that the night before that Little Snitch was popping up requests to confirm a bunch of connections from named out to, among other things. In my delusional state, I hit something -- grant I think, but it might also have been deny. In any case, tonight I checked Little Snitch's list of rules by application, and didn't see named in there at all. On a hunch I went and killed the named process. I tried accessing a site by name and kblammo! It worked. 

I'm not sure what went funny with Little Snitch, but something did. I still love the Little Snitch for protecting me from evil.

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