Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kyoto Saturday

Today was a visit to the beautiful Tenruyji temple in the western part of Kyoto. It is famous for what its gardens which are truly amazing. Really good gardens at Buddhist temples here are an entirely different matter from any simulation or attempts seen in the U.S. The attention to detail is extraordinary, from the effect of a single plant's roots on a vista down to the grouping of a particular type of tiny moss. The effect simply can't be conveyed.

We had the bonus of a big ceremony happening when we arrived: the funeral for a big temple figure (the abbot, maybe? The very nice man who told we could see the gardens, called him "big president"). There were monks chanting and lots of visitors dressed in black suits and dresses. The affair was serious, but not grim. People smiled, joked with each other, and generally seemed on the joyous side. I took no pictures, out of respect.

Tomorrow we go back to the U.S.

Full window business here.

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