Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hello kitty fingerprinting at Narita

I couldn't take a picture, sadly, because we were in a full-on security zone, but when we were at passport control in Tokyo, they fingerprinted us and took our pictures. They didn't used to do this. I suppose it's the "in-thing" for countries to do these days.

What made it fun was the happy Hello Kitty quality of the machinery. A girlish voice gave instructions in Japanese, animated graphics showed how to press down your thumbs, and a drawing of a mountain with friendly words of welcome appeared with music if you did your task properly. When you didn't (and I didn't -- over and over), you got angry noises and flashing red lights.

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Anonymous said...

I just visited the Narita Airport and had exactly the same experience. I'm not too worried about it, but I am always a little concerned where where our finger prints are being kept and who has access to them. Oh well...Japan is all about Big Brother.
Anyway, if you have a long layover or a short trip in Narita check out the page Where to Stay and What do Do in Narita. We found lots of great suggestions there. Make sure to visit Shinsho-ji Temple everyone!