Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wings 3d 0.99a now works on Leopard!

I actively like modeling in Wings3d. I actually have found it a great way to fall asleep at night, lying in bed with laptop, making heads, or whatever. When I realized that Wings didn't run on Leopard, I almost reverted back to Tiger. Then I ran into this posting:

from Björn Gustavsson, the main developer of the program. I've been checking in on the wings3d site every few days, and just tonight noticed the .99a development version. I grabbed it and fired it up and thus far is working nicely on my Intel macbook running 10.5.1.

I've done a bunch of stuff in Blender and various other 3d authoring tools, but for some reason wings3d is just plain fun. It's crazy, granted, and like practically all 3d tools, not like any other 3d tool, but just plain satisfying to use. It's a subdivision modeler whose strength lies partly in its selection tools. Because of the smart way that the program stores mesh data, a whole series of edges can be very quickly selected and subdivided with just a couple of keystrokes.

It doesn't animate, doesn't really render much, doesn't have much in the way of materials, and won't produce that great "smoke bubbles pouring from your grandma's behind" effect that all of the movies have this week. It just models and does it super well.

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