Monday, December 03, 2007

Today's Blow Against The Man

The office building containing our apartment's management company has
a guard at the front. The building is oon a nice block, I'm nicely
dressed, I'm going up to a rental company to pay rent, yet I have to
sign-in and present a name, license, destination, and time. I sort of
understand the point, but it's also apointless sham. The guard doesn't
actually check my id (he says "just write in CA"), my sign-out time is
one minute later than my sign-in, and dammit, it all feels a little
like groveling anyhow.

Today I signed in as Stamford Himmelblau. I said I had no id. I signed
out one minute after arriving.

I feel mighty and empowered.

\t : iPhone->you

1 comment:

TheWayOfTheGun said...

That miscreant Stamford Himmelblau has been paying people's rents all over town. Watch your back.