Friday, December 21, 2007

Regular Christmas Message

They found it easy to be generous when times were good and turned selfish and mean at the first sign of trouble. The cruelest among them changed and at last found small kindnesses in their hearts. They all sought and found an average of decency in the troubles that amounted to honesty at last. This, when they had lost the pleasures of fresh coffee and hot water, scented soaps and medical treatments based on scent, protein only diets and morbid obesity from excess food, leaving food on plates and buying too many presents at Christmas, trips of a lifetime on credit and dangerous pleasures in the wilderness on rapids and icy encrusted granite peaks, hunting trips in parks stocked with passive animals and Eco-journeys for the enrichment of children, house sized vehicles for an extra margin of safety and motion sensitive lights above the garage, crystaline television pictures of the obese losing weight and the suburban wealthy eating fatty food and having sex and actual people killing actual people for the finest of reasons and Russian girls having sex with Russian boys and newspapers published by your friends and photographs of trash and the iPhone, and when these things were gone, all they had left was the sound of rain on the roofs of scavenged structures, the untainted light of no longer light polluted stars, and each other.

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