Monday, December 03, 2007

My new iPhone

[Boring story of iPhone malfunction and support follows. Ignore,
unless you like that kind of thing.]

On Friday last my beloved iPhone had a bad neurological event and
stopped acting normal. The initiating event was my running the battery
way down overnight. The screen showed the thin red line on a mostly
empty battery. I popped it into the cradle to sync it up, but
immediately got an error on the phone that it had no working sim card.

I switched it on and off, rebooted a bunch of times with power-and-
button reset. At some point it started to see the card again.

I had to go. At work, I plugged it into a standalone charger. It just
started to get hot. By hot, I mean hotter than talking for too long/
watching too much youtube hot. This has happened before during
recharges on standalone chargers, so I unplugged and replugged.

I left it alone and at some point the springboard returned. I picked
it up and the screen went crazy: colored lines and breaking up
graphics. Then the screen went solid gray.

It never went back to normal. I made a Jenious bar appointment at the
big Apple pleasure palace over by 4th street. Jenious at store heard
my story, plugged iPhone into FireWire cable and it showed normal
charging again. I was ecstatic. Then he plugged it into USB dock and
the screen showed the "plug me in indicator.

"I can just use a FireWire cable," I said.

"We'll swap it out," he said

Within about ten minutes I was out of there with a new phone.

I upgraded to 1.1.2 (I've stopped jailbreaking the phone) and all is
good. It's faster, has better battery life, and the lens of the camera
is no longer scuffed. I'm also hoping that there are secret minor
upgrades which make it sweeter than ever.

Moral: break your iPhone now if it's over two months old.

\t : iPhone->you

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TheWayOfTheGun said...

1.1.2 has longer battery life than 1.1.1. 1.1.1 was particularly bad in that regard.