Friday, December 07, 2007

A complaint about the iPhone:

Its typing predictions do not pay enough attention to my past choices.

For instance, I often visit but when I begin to type f in the
location bar, safari always first presents me with FTP://

(The bookmark happened to be in my safari bookmarks on my mac). Not
only does an ftp URL make no sense on an iPhone (yet), I simply
never finish a URL starting with f that way. Why ever present it as a

The same goes with the suggestion of choices when I type regular text.
Why does the phone wait until I get through a word before guessing? If
it makes more wrong guesses I don't have to take them, but if it
guesses right 20% of the time on every six letter word after two
letters, that makes things...better (I can't pretend to do the math
right now).

Basically I want it to be more like quicksilver.

Also, if I type two spaces after a closing parenthesis, give me a damn

Don't get me wrong: I fricking love my iphone and the typing is
amazing and this thing is better then Jesus or sex, or Jesus sex, or
sex with Jesus.

\t : iPhone->you

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