Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tori & Dean Tell Us About Their TV

In the latest copy of Comcast Buzz magazine (a free service provided to Comcast subscribers, apparently, and if you're not one, haha on you), we learn about the TV watching habits of Tori Spelling and the apparent father of the pictured infant. Interestingly, they enjoy dull, vaguely narcissistic domestic family reality television on high numbered channels. And a channel that sells stuff she makes money on. Not that we around here don't like that kind of thing, but I hold people like her to a higher standard.

Also that Dean guy looks seedy, really seedy. We're talking Sunset Strip gigolo seedy. This also brings me down. That's two downers in one. I probably won't dare to read the next issue of Buzz, free or not.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Comcast. Worthless company. Had to pay double to go from analog to digital a few years ago in order to keep HBO. Trouble is, the reception went from good to bad. Digital, at my location "tiles" -- breaks up for minutes on end.

Frankly, their magazine, bad as it is, is an improvement on their service.