Sunday, October 28, 2007

Santa Barbara is sort of dumb

We're down here for a visit to my hometown, and friend Dan's birthday. Being here never sits very well with me or my wife. She just doesn't
like it that much-it's too SoCal, too touristy-but I have honest to God angst over what has to be one of the prettiest places on the west coast, or maybe anywhere. There are a bunch of reasons why SB doesn't make me so happy, some grimmer and more historical than others, but the most persistent is that the place narcotises. It has a, how do you say, soporific effect. After about four hours here, I start to feel very restless. Half of my brain screams that it's a lovely, safe, happy town, and the other half warns of impending death by slow suffocation.

Pretty much everyone I know thinks I'm nuts for feeling that way, particularly friends who have moved back. Even my mom, who railed against being in this backwater for all of my growing up has long since grown to love it.

I'm downtown now, where there is a shift from retail chains to an exponential increase int-shirt shops and bars and cheap food joints as you approach the water. We're staying in an old motel in Montecitio, which is mostly old rich people stuff, interior design shops, and jewlery stores, and real estate and brokerage firms. Goleta, on the north end is tract houses and grocery stores, schools and the unversity. Everywhere here, people are just living out their lives, and for some reason I find that intolerable. I actually like the sun and blue skies. The air is the perfect temperature. It sort of sucks.

My opinions on this place really aren't reasonable.

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