Monday, October 29, 2007

Leopard Lost

We have a mail room at my job. When your mail comes in, they call you on your office phone and you then have to go downstairs to pick up the package. If you do not make it downstairs before 1pm, you must wait until the following day. Though there are people working in the mail room after 1pm, you must not bother them, and they absolutely will not help you even if you do bother them.

Friend and co-worker JT and I have been expecting our brand-new, semi-complementary OS X upgrades to arrive from Apple. The email Apple sent on Friday said they'd been shipped and would be at work today. Since I wasn't in the office yet, JT went downstairs to see if they'd arrived. This is his account:

Hit the mail room again.

Me: hello, I'm here to pick up a package for my coworker, Toby Price. He's out of town so he asked me to check to see if his package has arrived yet.

Mail Clerk: ok, let me check…. What floor?
Me: 4th
[mail clerk rummages around for 1 to 2 seconds]
Mail Clerk: so he didn't get a call saying his package was here?
Me: I don't know, he's out of town.
Mail Clerk: so you're just checking?
Me: yes.
Mail Clerk: so he DIDN'T get a call?
Me: I don't know, he's not here. He's out of town. I'm just trying to do everyone a favor.
Mail Clerk: ok, let me check. (looks at same 5 packages again)
Mail Clerk: so he DID get a call?
Me: I don't know, he's out of town…

Another mail clerk guy comes over.

Mail Clerk 2: you no find package? what name?
Me: Toby or Tobias Price
Mail Clerk 2: did you get a call?
Me: no, I'm checking for a coworker who's out of town today.
Mail Clerk 1: he's checking for his friend. Toby or Tobias Price.
Mail Clerk 2: Oh, ok.
Me: thank you
Mail Clerk 2: what floor?
Me: 4th floor.
[they rummage]
Mail Clerk 1: so, you didn't get a call yet?
Me: no, I wouldn't get a call anyway, I'm checking for a coworker who's out of town.
Mail Clerk 2: maybe this one…
Mail Clerk 1: no, he said 4th floor, remember? It would be like THIS one [grabs package in 4th floor bin]
Mail Clerk 2: oh, that's the package? Good.
Mail Clerk 1: no, it would just be LIKE this one. I would be for the 4th floor, since he said 4th floor.
Mail Clerk 2: oh! I see. 4th Floor. Ya ya.
Mail Clerk 2: did your FRIEND get a call saying we had package?
Me: no, he's out of town, he expected the package today, and asked me to check.
Mail Clerk 1: ya, he's checking for his friend.
Mail Clerk 2: oh, ok, ya ya.
Mail Clerk 1: it doesn’t look like it's here yet. But we still have all these packages here that haven't been inventoried yet. [does NOT look at them]. We'll hold it until he shows up, though, even if it's a couple of months.

Me: oh, we thought you want them picked up within 3 days.
Mail Clerk 1: we'll hold them for months. Till he gets back in town.
Mail Clerk 2: we call when comes!
Mail Clerk 1: if he's back tomorrow, he can get it then. If it comes.

I thanked them and left.

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