Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good, blank corridor

I really like a nice, clean, anonymous corridor like this. The faint hum of the a/c. Sometimes a door opens and clicks shut. Soft footsteps pad along and disappear.


Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Really. It's rather soft for such a sterile environment. All cool colors. It's like a movie set. In a moment a bloody hand, bitter and lonely since it was imprisoned in the wall in '72, will break through the sheetrock and take your iPhone. Aaah-HAHAHAHA!

t said...

It's a surprisingly pleasant environment in a completely generic way. There are some nice colors. The kitchen has a curved wall painted, red and yellow. There are some potted plants. If I were to pick a horror movie, I'd lean toward the Biological Hazard Gone Wild. People in isolation suits. Tubes and wires. That kind of thing.

Or maybe, that's my fantasy!