Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Crazy dreams last night

I had dreams for much of last night filled with criminal activities and actual violence. Several women and I wandered a boardwalk where heroin addicts and alcoholics sprawled. The women broke into an fenced-in industrial area under a bridge. They were clearly practiced at breaking into this particular fence. A procession of rough looking men broke into the area through other gates and by scaling fences. One of the men pulled out an ice pick of some sort and began attacking another man.

The attack was really vicious and meant to kill, aiming for the man's vital organs. Another pair of men began fighting with ice picks, stabbing each other in the chest. I was attacked at one point and was bleeding profusely. I semi-awoke and realized it was just sweat. When I fell back to sleep, the dream picked back up with more stabbing, breaking in, and wandering through greasy garages with machinery lifted on hoists. The same scene of breaking and entering, which had led to the vicious attacks, began to replay and I had to change course, so I caused the violent people to be replaced with happy cartoons instead.

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