Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Conversation with husband

At work, she wants to be anywhere else. He used to work, too, spending his days in conference rooms smelling of sandwiches and markers

Husband and wife, they were natural beauties, and still athletic,
but older. He has his knee and she has her joints. They have their evening run together.

10:07 tuesday morning and he's calling already
from the kitchen,
beside the too ripe bananas he'll throw out unless she speaks up.
He throws out now mostly when she's not around.

Voicemail light flashes. People chatter. Spreadsheets beckon.

He wants to discuss the earthquake kit. She feels patient and torn.
She says:
"The lantern.
Is that one of those d-cell jobs?
I'm sure we have enough water.
That's a good idea.
I'm sure that's a good place for it.
Can we grab the radio and the lantern quickly?
Is there a path clear through the garage?
Buy more batteries. Just in case.
Do we have more porkchops in the freezer?
Yes. Yes, I'm sure. We have plenty of
porkchops. We don't need more. Don't worry."

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