Friday, September 21, 2007

My Leadership Position / Innovation in the Workplace

At work we have the usual kitchen with coffee and a variety of teas.

I do not drink the coffee at work. It is foul dirt-water. Instead, I drink tea. I like English Breakfast in the morning, but when I get in, I have already had a big-ass cup of real coffee from Peet's, so I choose to drink the decaffeinated variety.

This is the Tea Rack in the Kitchen closest to my Cube (known as Kitchen A).

There are two kinds of English Breakfast on the rack: Caffeinated and Decaffeinated. The side of the decaf box is clearly labeled as such:

But when the box is in "Presentation Mode" (ie, with it's flap ripped open and sitting in the rack), there is NO indication of its caffeination status:

This is HORRIBLE. Invariably, some moron, puts caffeinated in the decaf box and vice versa.

Because I am in a Leadership Role, I chose to Innovate. I retrofitted the decaf box with additional information to indicate that it is DECAF.

I feel that this is an excellent solution.

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